Our Core Team


Sam Dondi-Smith

Sam started the business whilst still working in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist. InteractiveMe was founded on his passion for supporting people to live well in a care home and to engage in activity which was personal and meaningful for them. His mission is to improve the lives of people in care homes using innovative ideas to support good care delivery. At the weekends he can be seen flying his RC aircraft in the skies over Kent.


Amy Brand-Cookson

Amy is our Customer Accounts Manager who looks after our corporate clients and oversees the delivery of interactiveMe across our care homes. She is dedicated, friendly and when not at work is a bit of a mad cat lady!


Emma Dondi-Smith

Emma is one of interactiveMe's 'Plan Practitioners' - she is one of the team members that speaks with our relatives and builds our interactiveMe plans once we have conducted a 'Past and Present' interview. Emma is a creative type with a passion for art, culture and all things green and sustainable!


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