For your loved one

Core Benefits

A personalised social and activities plan for your loved one

Increased mental stimulation and meaningful activity

InteractiveMe has been created by Occupational Therapists alongside carers and people with dementia. Our tool can increase engagement and promote activity for the person with dementia or short term memory loss.

Improved memory recall for people living with dementia

Put simply, interactiveMe can support your loved one to remember and recall memories. By providing a library of triggers for memory such as music, photos, media or audio, interactiveMe can improve mood and mental health.

A detailed activities plan which moves with them

InteractiveMe changes as the person moves through the care system. Family and carers can upload relevant material once the profile has been set up and we stay in touch with you for the journey.


what difference has it made?

Kim, family member

"InteractiveMe has made such a difference to Mum and how the family view her condition. The team were so friendly and build up a great picture of Mum's life and what activites would be suitable for her now. Since using interactiveMe, Mum's memory has come back to life and those times when she gets confused and disorientated have reduced. We also know that her profile will go with her as her health changes and she needs more support".

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