For Care at Home

Core Benefits

InteractiveMe for Care at Home

Improve quality outcomes and 1-1 engagement

InteractiveMe's award winning service creates a profile for each of your clients to build the best possible relationship with your staff.

Build rapport and engage with clients quickly

InteractiveMe enables your staff to quickly build rapport with your clients and evidence the interactions your staff have with their clients.

Evidence positive interactions with clients

We supply you with evidence to present to CQC which outlines how you are meeting certain Key Lines of Enquiry


The manager's words, not ours...

Comments from a service manager

"interactiveMe allows us to build the best relationships with our clients. We use it to stimulate memories, develop conversations and as an Occupational Therapy intervention. These interactions allow us to prove to the inspector and to families that we are putting into practice what what we preach about person-centred 1-1 care delivery".

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